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Művészek a Szőnyi István Szabadiskoláért

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Szőnyi István Fine Art Summer School

50rd year for people aged 16 and above

The main aim of the founders of the school in 1968 was to introduce students to the basic nature of visual arts and to equip talented students with the skills and knowledge necessary for progression to higher education. The courses of Szőnyi István Fine Art Summer School are open to anybody who would like to get life-long experiences. It has several thousand former students, many of whom have become well-known exhibiting artists.
Drawing in drawing courseAlongside studio practice there will be evening lectures held by outstanding art historians. The founders in 1968 followed the spirit of French art schools of the beginning of the century. Its conception was close to that of Nagybánya and more or less to that of the schools led by prominent masters – among them István Szőnyi - between the two world wars. At the time of its foundation it was almost unique in Hungary. Contrary to official artist training this kind of education offered much more freedom and later it developed into an intellectual workshop that worked all the year round. Since then the art colony has opened its gates every summer. Its staff have changed several times during the decades so the school has kept renewing. Though each period has been different, the staff have always been faithful to the main aims.
One of oldest fine art summer schools of Hungary offers five courses to the students this year.


- Rita Kopek painter-artist

- József Csató - painter-artist

The groups are formed according to the number and needs of applicants. The different levels of experience, the technical demands and the interests in different subjects will be considered.


  • plein air
  • studio practice – still-life
  • introducing to various techniques: pastel, aquarelle, tempera, acrylic, mixed media


  • plein air
  • plein air with model
  • studio painting with model (in case of bad weather only) revising the works made in nature, introducing to abstraction, picture construction and composition
  • techniques: pastel, aquarelle, tempera, acrylic, oil, mixed media



- István Buda sculptor


  • presenting simple space forms in small plastics
  • introducing the principles of portraying from live model
  • exploring medal making, topic: motifs of Zebegény


  • how to make armatures for sculptures
  • portraying from live model
  • making a nude statuette from live model